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Draftmaster 2 Trike Carrier
Draftmaster 2 Trike Carrier

Draftmaster 2 Trike Complete Kit - the best way to carry a tadpole trike (or two)
  • Carry 1 or 2 trikes (tadpole style trike, two wheels in front, one in back).
  • Unique design minimizes lifting and effort.
  • No side overhang with most trike/vehicle combinations.
  • Trike positions can be reconfigured quickly and easily to carry two-wheelers.
  • Mix & match cycle styles.
  • Carry uprights, recumbents, singles, tandems and trikes on the same Draftmaster. (With extra attachments)

Carry Tadpole trikes:
  • Exclusive design fits virtually all tadpoles in production.
  • Greenspeed, Catrike, Terratrike, WizWheelz, ICE, etc.
  • Five-point support secures your trike in place.
  • Adjustable to fit your trike perfectly.
  • No special cradles or clamps needed.

Standard with all Draftmasters:
  • Walk-up access to your tailgate - without removing trikes.
  • Get at your stuff easily.
  • Rack swings back & down for easy loading.
  • No high lifting required.
  • Trikes are always fully accessible.
  • Get to any cycle at any time.
  • Trikes ride "in the draft" for better gas mileage.
  • Simple assembly and easy operation.
  • Quick-connect modules make rack easy to remove and store.
  • This is for a 2" receiver hitch.
  • Backed by a two year warranty.
Our Price: $1,199.00

Product Code: ATOC